All children deserve only the best.

Change is a must. From the ‘best’ practice within a system to ‘next’ practice that questions the system itself, there is a lot of scope for growth. What could ‘next’ practice in education be and why?

MPS (Maharaja Public School) has already been involved in ‘next’ practice in the form of developing its ideas in the education system, and by making its vision central to the school’s innovation process, i.e., seeking new and different ways to inspire every child to become both good and smart. This vision has been segmented in the form of goals and outcomes for each of the four stages of education as environments of a child’s education: Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior (Middle) and Senior.

Every year is an opportunity to strengthen our focus and efforts that began two sessions ago for the Pre-Primary children. Bringing them under the spotlight through music integration, languages of encouragement, science experiments, phonics, field trips and role play to teach the children manners and courtesy.

These efforts are beginning to show results in the form of increased creativity of the children and teachers that led to more joyful learning all through the school years.

Indeed, pre-primary years are the most important foundation years for life. They remain our most important focus along with the all-round development.

We see a mighty tree in every child and we want to provide it with the best conditions for its full potential to be realized. If we visualize a good outcome, we will get a good outcome.

Yes, they can!